One a day Lily pots!

One day my husband came home with some bulbs he’d bought at a discount in Canadian Tire and gave them to me. I would never have purchased them myself as it was the wrong time of year for bulbs, and they aren’t hardy! I have resisted putting in plants that I would have to dig up to over-winter! But, since I had them of course I planted them. Now I really enjoy these lovely 1 a day from each bulb lilies. I can’t remember the name though.

In the pot on the right is my French Tarragon (already harvested this year), and the extra bulbs of my mystery lily, that multiplied so much from the initial package.


Ha! Surprises are good then??!

They are gorgeous! Are they from this year or have they actually overwintered in the pots? Either way, when your partner brings home flowers in any form it’s a good day! :slight_smile:

This is the third year with them. I’m going to have to plant some out in the ground next year as I’ll have too many for the pot, so I will just leave those in and see if they survive the winter.

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