Okra leaves going yellow

I recently transplanted my okra from the 72 pack in which I started the seeds into 3" pots. Now the new leaves are coming in yellow and the older leaves seem to be developing yellow veins. The soil that I transplanted them into was a mix of 3 parts coco fibre, 3 parts worm castings, 1 part perlite and 1/2 part green sand. Would this be a case of too much fertilizer or too little? Linda

Do you use tap water, which has chlorine in it, to water them? Some plants are more sensitive to chlorine than others. If not, then it could be a lack of nitrogen.

If the leaves wilt after turning yellow, it could be verticillium wilt, a fungus coming from your soil.

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Thank you for your response. I have been using regular tap water. I have access to a water barrel in which the chlorine has evaporated. I will try that. None of the leaves have wilted.