No nitrogen but high P and K?

I did a soil test today. Very low nitrogen but high phosphorus and potassium. How do I manage this? Raised beds, 2 separate ones both reading the same, I use lots of compost (home made) throughout the growing season. Last year the test read very little N, no P and high K. I did use organic liquid fertilizer last year after the test. I used it every other week as per bottle directions. My garden was okay, not great. Previous year it was better. I bought steer manure to amend the soil this year but I am now questioning if that is a good idea. Maybe use blood meal to raise N and don’t worry about the high P and K? Any thoughts for me? Thank you!

High P and K is good. Just add your manure for N or I use 18-18-18 from Black Creek for all veggies and flowers. amnure takes longer to decompose and release the N.
N is normally low this time of year as it is mobile in the soil and drains out with rain and snowmelt. Top it Up a few weeks before you plant.

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Thank you! Appreciate the suggestions :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face: