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Hi everyone, I’m new here and this is my first post. Somewhere I read about a zoom presentation about a zoom presentation happening Monday, Feb 26th about Deer resistant and drought resistant plantings. I can’t find anything about it here and I’d like to register. Can anyone help?

Hi Cathy and welcome to the CVHS! You should get an invite to the Zoom meeting today. The invites are sent via email on the Friday before the meeting takes place, if you don’t happen to get one (and the only reason that should happen is because you are newly added), let us know here and we can fix you up. Just make sure you give us some time….by Sunday should be good.

Welcome Cathy, glad to have you as a member! Please refer to our website or to our monthly Newsletter (which all members receive) for information about our upcoming speakers and other CVHS events. All CVHS members will receive an invitation to register for our monthly meetings several days prior to the meeting. Please register right away, and you should receive the Zoom link for the Monday meeting.

CVHS meetings are Zoom only in January, February and November, all other months, except July, meetings are hybrid Zoom/in-person.

Thanks so much. Looking forward to being here and participating!

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Here’s a link to the latest newsletter: