Need help with my citrus

I have my lemon and lime trees outside now, but the leaves of the lime are curling up. I am wondering if it is from too much direct sun? The leaves of both plants are yellowish, have been for several months now. Trying fertilizer, but not much luck. Any suggestions?



Have you checked them for scale? On leaves and stems, looks like little round brown/black or white spots. Use Q tip and alcohol to wipe the spots off.

Thanks for the scale tip. I am watching for it. So far we are good. They are still limping along, trying to keep them alive!

I have two lemon trees which are about the same condition as yours, Gordon. I’ve been overwintering them inside the house under grow lights where they are not very happy, and then they take the summer to pep up with more leaves and growth. However, they are really not that great and I have the same problem with the leaves. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s really stretching things too far, given where I live and my knowledge, to expect much of them.

Too much sun was my first thought when I saw the pictures before I read the post. Maybe they need to be hardened off just like our young seedlings when coming out of the greenhouse into the intense sun. Sun burn will damage the leaves preventing them from photosynthesizing - which they need in order to keep themselves healthy. Fertilizer won’t help as they get their nutrition through the leaves from the sun.

I think you are right. We moved them to the front of the house where the sun is less intense, and they have improved immensely! I never really thought the sun was the problem, considering they are grown in California where I am sure the sun is hot, when there is no smoke in the air…:slight_smile: