Nature's Container

Sometimes Nature makes the best containers. A piece of gnarled driftwood caught my eye one day at the beach. Now it rests in our garden with a few succulents nested in its nooks and crannies. Beach treasures, a piece of coral and a few stones, add the final touches.


That’s great! Do you know what that succulent at the front is called? It’s popped up all over my garden over the last couple of years.

Thank you! As for the succulent, I don’t know what it is called. Maybe someone can help us out. We have several of them in the yard.

The succulent in the front appears to be Euphorbia ‘Donkey Tail Spurge’ (Myrtle Spurge). It grows in gravel at my house and baby plants sometime appear nearby. No special care but I do cut off the spent flower stems. Wear gloves when handling as this plant has a white sap that can irritate your skin/eyes.

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Thanks for the name! And what an apt name it is.

Thanks for the tip! Might have helped me avoid an unpleasant situation. Now that I know the name I can see from it’s Wikipedia page that it’s classified as a noxious weed in nearby Oregon and elsewhere :sweat_smile: I have been letting it spread but maybe I should rein it in.

Looks like myrtle isn’t as much of a concern, but it’s tall cousin ‘leafy spurge’ is considered quite invasive. This neat ‘Grow Me Instead’ booklet from the Invasive Species Council of BC has some options for alternatives. I think I’ll keep the Myrtle Spurge in my garden but try to contain the volunteers more and keep them away from the edge of my property. Maybe I’ll glove up and clip the flowers before seeds are produced.