Nala our new addition

Nala (Tabby/Siamese cross) is now 3 months old. She thought the apples would be fun to play with the other day, climbed the tree and got down on her own. She is a constant source of entertainment and destruction too! Our “boy” Rocky (Siamese) was found in the woods as a baby and we had him for 10 years before he got into some rat poison on someones property, broke our hearts to loose him; he too loved the garden. Has been many years since a new kitten came into the home.


Nala has beautiful markings.

We too have a new kitten after a few years of not quite being ready yet. She is just a joy and too funny for words. Enjoy the fun!

What fun to have a new kitten. You can see them discovering everything for the first time. BTW, what kind of apples are those? They look similar to ones we have, but haven’t been able to identify. Ours ripen in July, start off green, then turn yellowish when over-ripe, and tend to have a waxy finish. Some are very large.

They are a Winter Banana. Ripen in September, green to yellow some have a nice red blush. Very crispy, but not great keepers. They get a waxy coating as they age.

Very cute kitty and great shot in the tree! A true feline pose!

She is so sweet. I really miss not having a cat. New kittens so much fun but so much work.
I also have a Winter Banana tree. My mom used to talk about it as it was an apple grown in the valley. I must say not the best for our climate but is a beautful looking and cooking apple.

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What a cutie! We were sort-of discussing the idea of getting a kitten too, but in the end decided we are really dog people now. I’ve had some lovely cats in the past and I do miss them cuddling up on my lap. But, with all the birds we attract to our garden it’s not really fair to bring a predator like that to hunt them. I do miss a kitty though!

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