My smartphone

I know I know… the garden is a place to get away from technology! But hear me out…

I love my Rachio irrigation controller and dripper lines. I set up all the zones a couple of years ago and now I just turn it on the summer and forget about watering. The controller keeps track of the weather and estimates how much moisture is in your soil (taking in to account rain / temperature / wind / evaporation etc.), and waters automatically only as needed. You can choose what kind of plants are in a zone and it will water e.g. deeply/infrequently for shrubs, and more often with less water for vegetables. If it’s raining or windy it will postpone or skip watering.

When water restrictions change it takes me 5 seconds to open the app for the controller on my phone and change the days of the week that my lawn sprinklers are allowed to run. Doing this kind of thing on my previous controller that wasn’t paired with a phone was a nightmare - it felt like I was using a punch-card computer.

When I’m out in the garden I’m often looking up info about diseases/pruning, and taking photos of plants and pests. I also use it to reference my over-the-top garden plan which tells me what I’m planting and how deep to plant the seeds etc. …

And possibly the most important use… when I’m doing the dreaded job of weeding I listen to a podcast on my phone while I work… turns a mundane chore in to a relaxing couple of hours.


Impressive! We will have to look into this.

Oh, I forgot to say - I didn’t even have to pay for the irrigation controller! The CVRD has had a rebate program running for a few years where they will pay up to $300 for a smart controller (because they reduce water waste), which should cover the full cost (I paid $250 2 years ago).

Oh this is amazing…I’m putting it on my birthday list right now…except maybe it’s free after the rebate…wow! Great info Jono!

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That is impressive. In this case I don’t qualify because I have a well but the benefits might still be worth it to replace my manual controller that I currently use.