My Comely ‘Container’

My Comely ‘Container’

This is my 2020 COVID container in its basic presentation. I usually create containers with the usual sprawling blooms and hanging blossoms, but with limitations on visiting nurseries early in the season, I went with what I had in my seed packets from (very) long ago. Thus, my Brussel sprout ‘container’ started from seed dated 2012 (!) and every one grew tall and strong so I adopted them all and overplanted in this space in early March …this was my first experiment with this much-disliked veggie - except by me …and little sprouts are happening! They all got along, aphids came and ladybugs magically appeared, moved in to house clean.

So proud of my sprouts even if they don’t produce volumes, I learned so much from this very old packet of seeds!


That’s incredible! I haven’t been able to grow Brussel sprouts and here you have a whole box of them!

Thanks Linda. …well, we will see! :slight_smile: