My 42 Garden Edibles for Dinner

I surprised myself with the number of goodies in this selection from my garden. The only one missing is a camera shy huge pumpkin hiding under its leaves. Now I will create a menu to use all 42 to make dinner . . . . Fun!


Bravo! What a beautiful display and a fabulous ‘haul’!

Thank you! So fun, playing with the veggies!

Wow! This image represents many hours of tender care in the garden. You have apples and corn already. Ours are a ways off yet. Are those walnuts and filberts at the bottom of the image? I hope to have a walnut tree someday. I just planted some nuts this year, but so far nothing has sprouted up.

Very impressive, Norma.You must be run off your feet trying to keep up with everything at this time of year. Your cabbages look untouched by whitefly too.

Thanks Elizabeth … well, not many places to run to this year so my garden is my go-to. Not a huge garden … just a variety.

Hi Linda … we had the walnut for about 30 years so productive annually. Yes, filberts - also a faithful producer. The jays are also watching them. When they swoop in, it’s time to pick. I started most everything from seed and had to plant my starters earlier than usual so head start on production of most everything.