Miscanthus transmorrisonensis

I planted this Miscanthus last summer and it came through the winter unharmed but has a definite “lean” to it as the flower spikes fell down due to the snow we had. As it is an evergreen I understand not to cut it back but should I cut the old flower spikes back and if so how far down?
Thanks for any input

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  1. Miscanthus transmorrisonensis can be treated much the same as the above but it is an evergreen and young plants will keep flowering into late autumn. I generally cut this back in mid-winter. A spacing of 180cm is needed for to allow this beautiful grass to breathe.
    From https://lambley.com.au/ (Advice on grasses)
    Another site recommends cutting back in early spring


If stems are left for winter effect, cut to the ground in early spring. In warm areas, cut back after flowering to encourage a second flush of flowers. From https://www.shootgardening.co.uk/plant/miscanthus-transmorrisonensis