May 27, 2024 Meeting with Speaker Paul Spriggs – Cracks and Crevices, The Art of Rock and Crevice Gardening

Paul delivered a wonderfully passionate and energetic talk at our last meeting and we are sure he inspired many members to try their hand at some form of rock gardening.

According to Paul, the reason why crevice gardens are so popular is due to both aesthetic and horticultural reasons—they are beautiful interpretations of nature and the inherent conditions grow alpine plants best.

To learn a bit about a local-ish crevice garden in Port Townsand that Paul was involved with building that includes a 50 second high speed video on the build, click here: Far Reaches Botanical Conservancy

To see Paul create a crevice garden in a hypertufa trough that includes lots of how to’s and design ideas, here is an excellent YouTube video from September 2021:

And if you still want more, here is a link to the Modern Crevice Garden Facebook private group: Redirecting...

We hope to have Paul’s slide presentation soon and will post it to our Forum then.

And finally, if you are interested in learning more, Paul has recently published the book ‘The Crevice Garden – How to make the perfect home for plants from rock places’ which is available on-line.

Thank you again, Paul, for such an excellent presentation!

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Yes, a great presentation! We have already foraged some new rocks to insert a bit of “drama” into our little succulent garden.


We’ve received a copy of Paul’s excellent slides. Included are many suggestions for specific plants to use (at the end of the presentation). Here is the link to access them:

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