Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear’

My Mom moved to Vancouver Island when I was in my teens. I stayed on the prairies to continue my schooling and then because that is where the jobs were plentiful. But my heart has always felt at peace here on the west coast.

I have spent every break on the island for over 40 years. By far my most favorite time is spring when the magnolias blossom. I fell in love with these beautiful trees and their blossoms are a harbinger that better weather and new beginnings are on the way. This magnificent Magnolia grandiflora ‘Teddy Bear’ was a housewarming gift from my Mom last year to say …Welcome Home.

It is settling in nicely and I have some blossoms just about to open.


Does it have enough protection there, Jane? I’m asking because I’ve never put in a magnolia thinking that they require an overhang or something to give them a bit of protection. I’ll bet you are anxious to see this ones flowers!

My tree came from Oregan where it had been used as a propagation plant and was pruned tightly. It should reach about 30 feet. It is rated a zone 6 under the US standard.

“While the USDA system is based on minimum temperatures, the most recent Canadian system includes minimum temperatures as well as rainfall, frost-free days, and other variables. When comparing standards and assigned zones , the difference is, perhaps, a half zone or so apart (e.g. 6a versus 6b). So, they’re close.”

In theory, this tree should do well here. It came through the winter unscathed even with February’s snow. I was concerned with it being susceptible to fungal leaf spot because it was a fresh transplant though it hasn’t shown any signs of it. It has dropped quite a few leaves this spring but it never dropped any from last September until April. Fingers crossed as it is the most expensive tree I have ever purchased.

I have it planted in a well protected area with great drainage and I might wrap it in burlap this winter and see if it makes any difference.

It has many flowers ready to pop.

Fingers crossed that I have made a good choice for my garden as it is a more tall and narrow cultivar.