London Pride, Saxifaga x urbium

This is my absolute favourite ground cover. There isn’t anything negative about the variegated, long flowering, weed and moss snuffing plant. I have it in many parts of my garden and would like to introduce it outside of my fence but I can’t find any info on whether it is deer tolerant/proof. Would anyone out there have an answer for me?
Thanks so much,
Barb Wilson

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Until this winter, I would have said yes, it’s deer proof but one night they ate it right to the ground! But “my” deer seemed unusually hungry these past months and ate many things they normally wouldn’t touch in my garden!


Ours out front is - currently - uneaten, with hoof marks right beside it. “Our” deer have resorted to columbine leaves this year (last year, it was only the flowers).
London Pride does spread quickly and well, so give it a try.


We have deer that love it. They will snuffle through other things in order to get at it. I usually find a trail of bits after they’ve been through. They mainly go after it in the winter.