Lilies, Peonies and the some rare and unusual garden gems

Yes, it’s that time of year again, the ‘crazy plant lady’ has been at it again. I have brought in 21 lily varieties (including some fabulous Martagons); and have about a dozen herbaceous varieties of peonies; 3 or 4 Itohs and 2 Tree peonies. And of course, I’ve been potting up treasures from my own garden, especially shade lovers. These specialty varieties are set aside to offer to CVHS members first.
Once again, I’m happy to offer the club 10% of sales, so please be sure you let me know that you’re from CVHS.

The best way to contact me is and I can send availability/ price lists. Also, the website, (scroll down for perennials) has some of last years perennials, about 80% of which will be available this year. Alas, keeping the website current is challenging when I’ve got so many green babies calling for attention.

Below are photos of only some of the varieties available. Email for full availability / price lists.

p callie2.PNG
p gay p2.PNG
p edulis2.PNG
p early.PNG
p pecher3.PNG p renkaku.PNG p solange2.PNG
p shirley.PNG p shimadaijin.PNG
af queen.PNG

l bev dream.PNG
l brasilia.PNG
l dizzy.PNG
l leich2

l muscadet.PNG
l playtime2.PNG
l secret2.PNG

ner alba.PNG ner bow.PNG
ag twister.PNG
camas LA.PNG dic val.PNG


Yes I would love your price list
Also where are you located?
Thank you

In Puntledge Park area, Courtenay.
Please email: for availability lists.

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