Leycesteria formosa - Himalayan Honeysuckle

Himalayan Hoensuckle 1 small

When I saw the blossoms at a CVHS meeting, I knew I had to have this plant. I was lucky enough to get a seedling from fellow member, Louise Casson. During the spring flowering period, this plant bears hanging red and white flowers that are magnets for hummingbirds. Flowering takes places from early summer through early fall. Flowers are borne on pendant racemes borne the ends of the stems. Flowers will be attracted to the bloom, though humans won’t find a scent. The flowers have funnel shape, though they are partially hidden by leaf-like, purple bract. Flowers morph to red berries thus providing food for song birds. Sun is preferred but shade can be tolerated. Mine is currently located in mostly shade and still blooms beautifully!


I had one of these too,likely from Louise as well. Unfortunately it did not emerge again one spring a few years ago. I had cut it down quite a bit, according to the instructions I read online,but perhaps it was too much. It also may have got too wet over the winter. It is fabulous though when it’s in bloom, and can get fairly large.

I have several of these in my garden now. The fruit is actually edible and tasts like molasses. A really beautiful shrub.