Large Miscanthus Sinensis

Can I divide extremely large miscanthus sinensis grass in the fall? What an absolutely gorgeous grass but alas it outgrew my small garden within a couple of years. If I can divide it is anyone interested in a chunk?

Hi Green Thumb Granny. I would definitely be interested in some of your large miscanthus if you still have some available. I have a large yard that had no landscaping when we moved in last year. I’ve been working hard this this summer to add plants/trees/shrubs and some big grass would be perfect. Thanks. Mary.

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Generally grasses do best when divided in the spring once they have started to regrow.
Here is a link to Monty Don’s information.
Monty Don’s tips on dividing and moving ornamental grasses | Gardeningetc!

Hi Mary,
You definitely can have a nice big clump. I would love to dig the plants up this fall but if that means the they may not make it over the winter I am willing to wait. Would you still be interested in the spring? If so, would you mind sending me your email so I can contact you directly?
Cheers, Barb

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No problem. I can wait till Spring. Thanks.