Kiftsgate Rose Rambler

We first discovered the Kiftsgate rose about 12 years ago in Errington, and just had to have one. We planted it by our garden shed and it is currently 15-20 ft. high. The Kiftsgate has vigorous growth and is known to grow to 50 ft. It’s ideal for growing through large trees or used to cover large unsightly buildings or walls.

The long-lasting clusters of creamy white, semi-double flowers, adorned with deep yellow stamens are highly fragrant.


That is a very impressive rose specimen. How does it handle the usual rose problems like black spot?

That is absolutely stunning. I love how it is tumbling over your shed. Do you have to worry about it lifting the roof, as you would with ivy, or not?

I’ve noticed some black spot on the leaves of lower branches. I’m researching for a safe solution to spray on them.

There hasn’t been any damage to the roof. I thin out the branches every fall.

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Homemade recipe for treating blackspot on roses
15 ml baking soda
5 ml oil (canola, sunflower, safflower)
1 L water
Mix in a spray bottle and apply weekly.
Best not to spray on a sunny, hot day to avoid sunburn on the leaves.


Note: Double, triple or quadruple the recipe if filling a pump sprayer for a larger rose.


What a spectacular show! Wow!

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Thanks for the good Leslie. I shall do it.