Just an idea for a new topic

Could we have a buy & sell? Not sure if anyone is checking out the website but I notice lots of people looking and participating in this forum so what better place.


Good idea! I really need some new plants following my garden’s July flop over.

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Yes I think it makes sense to have the classifieds here instead of the website since they’ll probably have higher visibility here and discussion, notifications and direct messaging are built in. @Gordon something to discuss with the board?

Comox Valley Backyard Barter - FB page
Comox Valley Plant Swap FREE or Trade Items Only - FB page
Hello, Like the concept, not sure how you would price plants, etc.,
The two Facebook pages are for bartering. Mostly, I find that the groups are more into food gardening than flower gardening I like the idea of of trading plants and sometimes people just have to many plants and give items away. The people are friendly and you need to sign up. Cheers Lucyhedgehog

I should note too that people can create topics on this forum about anything to do with gardening… so even without an official Buy & Sell category there’s no reason a person can’t create a post to sell / give away / ask for some plants! :slight_smile:

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I’m all for it. I do not participate in fb, so having buy and sell here would be a huge benefit as I always have surplus plants to rehome.