June 24, 2023 Open Garden Tour

June 24, 2023 Open Garden Tour
We have another Open Garden Tour! Members, please check your email for the details. Following is a little teaser:

Two neighbouring/adjoining sprawling gardens complete in secluded and peaceful Dove Creek, with ponds, bridges, and winding paths through the beautiful gardens, wetlands, and forest. There is a young Garry Oak meadow, as well as several other species of native and drought resistant trees, shrubs and flowers. It’s a magnificent location for bird watching as well.

Please note this will be the last Open Garden Tour until July 15 (at this point!).

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Open Garden Tour – June 24, 2023

Members were treated to two gardens, side by side, for the recent Open Garden Tour. The properties were nestled at the end of a country lane under large trees that provided plenty of shade on a warm day.

Ferns figured prominently throughout both gardens—Sword, Maidenhair, Deer, Japanese Painted, Oak, Lady and even one called Male Fern (Dryopteris filix-mas) that was enjoying ‘his’ position next to the Lady fern. There were lots of splashes of colour throughout both gardens. Only the hardy or carefully selected blooms thrive here as the home owners do not provide supplemental watering. It was truly inspiring to see how lovely a drought tolerant garden can be.

Thank you so much to the two property owners for volunteering their gardens for viewing.

For more photos, please see our Facebook post here;


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