Jennifer and Scott's City Centre Garden

On June 3, 2021, we visited Jennifer and Scott’s garden in Courtenay. Because time flies when you are gardening, Jennifer realized that she has been transforming her garden into just what she wants for over 32 years (not the 20-odd years she mentions in the video :blush:). As we toured the many garden nooks front and back (along with Tux the neighbour’s cat who obviously also loved the garden), we were quite amazed at how hard-working a city lot could be—there were many different plant varieties–nine bark, mock orange, elderberry, hosta and a gorgeous huge flowering weigela. Also on-site was a sturdy, but temporary greenhouse used for tomatoes and cucumbers. In the winter, it is stored away and the space is used for RV parking. Alongside the garage, in a spot that would most likely be unusable for anything else, is a quite large (rabbit proofed) raised bed veg garden with some very clever iron trellis’ scavenged by Scott–a great upcycling idea! In the front yard, where the temperatures reach up to 110F, Jennifer has planted a succulent garden and alongside the fence leading to a lovely shaded sitting area, is ‘rose alley’ where the blooms are just starting to peak out. Many thanks to Jennifer and Scott for the tour—we hope you enjoy this 11+ minute video.

And here is the link to the Facebook post where there are lots of photos.