Japanese Snowbell - Styrax japonicus

A few years ago we had to replace an aging ornamental cherry. Our choice was a Japanese Snowbell (‘Styrax japonicus’). I must admit that I was disappointed the first time it bloomed - only one branch with a smattering of flowers. However, with each year it reaches out a bit farther and puts on a few more blooms. This spring we waited in anticipation as a profusion of snow white buds emerged. Ah, yes! This is what we have been waiting for!

Info: Styrax japonicus is a medium-sized tree with a maximum height/width of 20’-30’. Our Styrax is now about 10’ high and carries its delicate fragrant blooms for several weeks each June.


Beautiful tree. I drew up a garden plan a couple of years ago and placed one of these in the corner of my yard (a bit ambitious for the space available) but haven’t actioned it yet. I better get it in the ground so I can enjoy that bloom sooner!

I had one of these trees in Abbotsford and was very pleased with it. It spread almost as wide as it was tall and bloomed profusely.

I too bought 1 this year, but I chose the miniature 1. It grows 6’high and 6’ wide. I hope. Even though only a couple of years old, the floral array was lovely
Barbara Simonson

Hi Barbara, I did not realize that there was a miniature version of the Styrax. Where did you place it?

I am trying to grow one as a bonsai. My first attempts at air layering were failures. It is a beautiful tree so I am not giving up on it yet.

I was going to put it in front of the space in the ceanothus but it is still in a pot in case we move. I’ll take it with us. Such a hard decision to make. Ill put something else in there instead