January 15, 2024 Zoom Meeting with Speaker Brian Minter – What’s New and Exciting for our 2024 Gardens

Just SO much plant information was shared with us from Brian Minter at our meeting last night. He presented photos galore, accompanied by his immense knowledge base, of what to expect to see in the nurseries this year. Plants that are more heat, drought and cold tolerant will be more important than ever, Brians says, and all the newer plants are being developed with this in mind. Annuals, houseplants, perennials, shrubs, grasses, trees, roses, vegetables and fruits were all discussed.

There are just too many to list here so this is just a sampling of some of Brian’s favourites (photos following)—he advises he will provide us with a list following his upcoming trip to Germany to attend one of the world’s largest horticultural trade fairs.

Annual vining and bush Dipladenias (Mandevillas)
Annual Solenia Begonia
Annual Lantanas
Annual Salvia ‘Big Blue’
Annual Joey Ptilotus
Perennial Allium ‘Millennium’
Perennial Eupatorium (Joe-Pye Weed)
Perennial Hellianthus ‘Autumn Gold’
Shrub: Clethra ‘Sugartina Crystalina’
Shrub: First Editions ‘Eclipse’ Dark Leaf Hydrangea
Rose: ‘Sunny Knockout’
Vegetables: Cucumber ‘Mini-me’ and ‘Quick Snack’
Vegetables: ‘Autumn Frost’ Squash

Huge thanks to the imitable Brian Minter for this very informative talk.