Jade plant with Hosta companion

These Jade plants ( Crassulaceae) are a very common succulent house plant, which enjoys its summers outside on the deck. It is easy to care for so long as it is in a free-draining soil and not over watered. New plants are easily started by sticking a leaf or a shoot in the ground.

These are not trees so this is not a bonsai. I have added a piece of Vancouver Island limestone as a backdrop to make a little landscape.


Another beautiful creation. You don’t sell these by any chance do you? :smiley:

You are so artistic, Frank. Beautiful!

Very nice with the black backdrop!

Occasionally I do. Hopefully I will have a few trees for the next member’s plant sale whenever that may be.
Frank H

You’ve inspired me to try something new with our jade plant - thanks! Do you ever fertilize this one?

Yes, in the summer when it is actively growing I give it the occasional shot of fish fertilizer.