Is my Rhodo dead?

I need help to identify if my Rhodo is dead. Spring this year all the foliage and buds collapsed. I pruned back all stems 1 foot but no leaves or flowers have emerged all year (2021). Does it need more time to recover? Two nearby Rhodos are doing just fine. Thank you in Comox.

I’m not an expert but I was told by a person that did pruning as her business to do a scratch test on a branch to see if it was dead or alive. Use some disinfected pruners and scratch a little area with the blade. If the area beneath is green it’s still alive. below is a link with more info. Others, please chime in because I don’t know a lot on this subject.

@stargazergarden Do you have a photo?

Checking if there is any green (or white) under the bark will let you know if it is alive. Collapse is usually the result of root issues - too wet; too dry; pathogens. A sudden collapse could be Phytophthora. You might want to check the Glendoick website under ‘Rhododendron Problems’. Rhodo branches have tiny nubs that become new growth. If none have ‘broken’ since spring the rhodo may not recover. If you can - dig it out and check the roots.