Interest in Indoor Plants

Hi all:
I’m a new member, and I wanted to ask a question. I don’t see a lot of threads here on indoor plants which is a big interest of mine. Do we have other members passionate about their indoor plants? Do you welcome discussion about indoor plants?


Welcome to the CVHS forums! I’m sure that a lot of us have indoor plants as well as outdoor plants. Maybe there will be more interest in posting about them once the outdoor gardens are all put away for the season. I have a few indoor plants that I could probably use the occasional piece of advice on.

So, to answer your specific question, YES, of course talk about your indoor plants :slight_smile:


Welcome to CVHS! I have a few indoor plants that do not require a lot of attention, because come spring and summer they are largely ignored. Hence, I have succulents and orchids. However, I use to have over 100 indoor plants and would welcome a discussion about them.

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Thank you for the replies. I’m glad to be reassured that there is some interest in indoor plants, and I can talk about them. Oooooo @graflh orchids? I look forward to hearing about them.