Identify This Rhododendron?

Would anyone know what the name of the Rhodo might be? We saw it on Tull Avenue.


I have a rhododendron in my back garden which was here when I bought two years ago. I have sent a photo to the Victoria rhododendron society to ask for identification.


P.S. it is the same as the photo, not nearly so well looked after.

I don’t know the name, but that’s sure a beauty!

A photo of the leaf would help - both top and underside. Some Rhodos have indumentum and/or tomentum which is a kind of fuzzy like flocking. Knowing that helps narrow down the identification. Looks like the photo was taken in late May which can be another clue. The size is a clue, and the age of the rhodo would be another clue. Close up of the truss helps as well. There are a lot of “pink” rhodos!

Do you remember if it was fragrant?. There are only a few which have a noticeable scent.