How to improve garden soil

I am new to valley. Praire gardener where we did not think of helping soil along too much. I have raised garden beds with new garden soil from unknown source via the gardener at the time. It has good water drip system and good light . Most things except beans peas and lettuce didinot grow well. Root crops like caroot and beets and radishes seemed to struggle. I have added clean green matter to garden to winter and decompose. I was going to add compost I have made. Considering the soil here anything else i should be doing. Thank you Carol

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Not an authority by any means, but you may want to check the soil for acidity. it may need balancing. I have also had problems with imported soil having a lot of bark in it and I needed to add sand for better drainage.

Also you may want to get your soil tested. I use MB Labs in Sidney.

I would recommend a soil test before adding something as a guess and then it might or might not work. The lab will tell you then what to add.

@carols here is a link to some soil testing labs if you decide to go that route — they are under our Tips and Tricks Forum area. Good luck and welcome to the valley!