How do you get rid of stink bugs?

Help!! Brown stink bugs have sucked the life out of my pole beans and now they are moving onto other vegetables and flowers. I read that you are supposed to flick them into soapy water , to kill them. I have been doing this but it is time consuming and in spite of my efforts the number of stink bugs is increasing (seemingly exponentially). I am hoping someone has a more effective and efficient method for dealing with these pests.

I wish I knew…they were on my peonies in spring, they are now on my dahlias, peonies, on my blackberries, grapes and on my veggies. I had only seen a couple last year but now they have exploded in my garden.
They are lime green and others are brown. Scary story… I put some raspberries in my mouth and luckily didn’t chomp down as I felt something hard and spat out a stink bug! When I make my Bouquets I use a yogurt container of water and liquid soap to knock them and the earwigs into. If they get into your house use the vacumn to suck them up and then drop them into the soapy water. Try and find the eggs on the underside of leaves….google the gov.bc website…there is no easy solution as far as I can find….Good luck!

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We also had stink bugs infest our raspberry patch. So I was out, in our patch frequently with a clean picking bucket for the raspberries and a soapy bucket also around my neck to flick the little fellows in. I tried once with plain water…and they can float and swim around…so definitely soapy water. I was so determined to exterminate as many as I could daily, sometimes twice a day, we have not had other berry plants or veggies attacked. I still have a few that show up but I have my soapy water with me most times when headed to the veggie garden or berry patch…just in case…