Hot & Dry Summer 2021

This summer our roses have done extremely well with the dry conditions. Unfortunately, it was too hot for our crop of peas. Tomatoes, squash & cucumbers are doing well.


I love your rose photos!!

I have never had luck with roses, but those are beautiful!!

Beautiful roses! Thanks for sharing.

Ha! Yes our peas did not do well this year, but 150 pounds of processed tomatoes must be good! I think I will look like a tomato next spring…!!

Such beautiful roses…thanks for sharing…I found that my newly planted annuals took a hit in the June heat dome…but was able to rescue a few of them…the Vancouver Centennial geranium I planted did very well…apparently it is a very tough little plant which I purchased at Black Creek Farm & Feed Nursery…some excellent advice given by the Head of the Nursery, Sharon. Apparently many different shrubs/plants took a bit of a hit out this way…it can take two weeks, two months, two years for the effects of that heat dome at the end of June,subsequent drought to show up. The hydrangeas at the nearby Church on Enns where I do volunteer gardening were affected…especially those in full sun…and not much shade. The ones that grew up in shaded and some sun areas we were able to selectively prune… Sharon did say if that does not help…to give it a more drastic pruning next Spring and they should regrow…fingers crossed. She lost some of her plants. Climate change is going to soon have us all thinking of more drought tolerant plants for the flowerbeds, I think personally. I have a shrub rose in the half-day shade from nearby wall of my place…and it did fine! I love roses…thanks for sharing… :slightly_smiling_face: