Hosta Sanctuary Porch

Can you tell I have a severe addiction to hostas? But seriously, sitting on the porch with my first cup of morning coffee or at the end of a long day with a nice beverage is very soothing amongst my collection of potted hostas. The variation in leaf size, texture, shape, colour and patterns are mesmerizing, especially when they are lit up with small lights in the evening. Indeed, each and every hosta is unique.


How many hosta pots can you have on your porch, and still leave room for yourself! :sunny: They are really lovely, and whatever you have in the pot at the edge with the little red flowers (can’t quite see it enough to identify) gives it a nice pop.

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I, too, could become a hosta addict! Love the variety in colours, patterns and sizes! Such a serene plant!

Hi, Kim. There are around 50 pots of hostas on the front porch…some with 2 hostas in them. I have asked my husband for a bigger porch. :crazy_face:
The dark foliage mini shrub with red flowers is Weigela florida ‘Elvera’…better known by its trade name, Midnight Wine. This weigela only grows 12 - 15 inches tall so it is perfect for a pot. It also did not compete well in the garden with big tree roots.

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I must admit, Diana, the older I get the more serenity I want around me. And hostas certainly do provide!

What a lovely setting for relaxing

The reno to the porch worked out beautifully! The hosta collection looks very happy!

No reno for a bigger porch yet, Majgal. There is just less room for our chairs. Hubby has enough projects on the go so likely not going to get an extension on the porch.

I was thinking more of the huge cleaning you did this spring. It looks fabulous!

Oh!! Silly me! Yes, the cleaning job was huge. Note to self: do not leave it so long in-between cleanings! Lots of elbow grease expended in that job. But I am pleased with the result. Porch looks so much better.