Horse(tail) sense or nonsense?

Many of us have challenges with persistent weeds such as horsetail. Here is a no nonsense article on how to control it.

Horsetail can be found in nearly every environment, including the retail nursery.

One of the most annoying weeds in garden and landscape beds is horsetail (Equisetum spp.), a genus native throughout North America and most of the rest of the world. They have survived since prehistoric times because they are highly adaptable to their environments and are almost impossible to eradicate. There is great debate among gardeners on whether to pull or cut horsetail. Online you can find statements such as this: “…each time you break the stem, little portions under the soil regenerate new plants. Essentially, you will be creating more horsetail.” This and many other websites recommend cutting instead.

Unfortunately, this is bad advice. The trick to eradicating any perennial weed without chemicals (or at least bringing them to manageable levels) is to starve them to death”

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Scottish Thistle - those great big ones. Cut them off at ground level and then pour about a tablespoon of salt on the cut. It will draw all the moister out of the plant and it will die. These are very pretty plants, too bad they have thorns!