Help with identifying this tree

Hey all,
Hoping to get some help to identify this could be fruit tree in my garden. I moved into this house a year and a half ago, so I’m still figuring things out.
I’ve dove done research online, it could a wild fruit tree that won’t bare fruit, and in that case I’ll have to try to prune it back for now.
Any advice, recommendations, info is appreciated!

Might be a Quince. They have big thorns. Should have pink to red flowers and should have flowered already or now if it is.

Yes no flowers on it last summer or this year either so far.

another possibility would be a Firethorn. It would have masses of white flowers followed by red or orange berries that the robins love to eat. I don’t think people eat them.

It might be the rootstock of a fruit tree that died, either in your yard or the neighbours yard.
It looks a lot like the rootstock that sprouted when my almond tree died. Thorny and vigorous.
I cut the little tree down when it died, and the rootstock grew.
Very vigorous growth, I left it too long and it was a heck of a job to get it out this spring.
Have a look and see if you can see anything that looks like it’s been cut back that might suggest a tree that died.

Hopefully I’m wrong and it’s one of the other suggestions made here:)

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My rootstock growth had no flowers.

I’m going to say it’s a pyracantha as it looks just like mine. White flowers, red berries that the birds love. It can take a huge amount of pruning so I hack at mine every fall to keep it in shape

and to keep it out of the neighbours yard.


Wow that’s so pretty! Love how you’ve pruned it.

Wow! This is gorgeous!