Help with Fungus Identification

Do we have any experts out there that can help with identification of this fungus (or know where we can help). Someone sent this request into our Facebook page. They have a puppy that is very interested in eating it. Much appreciated!

It looks like Ramaria or Clavulina the coral fungus groups. I don’t think they are toxic, but look them up to see if it looks like what they have. We do have a few amanita species around here so encouraging their pup to ‘leave it’’ is probably a good idea! I’m just starting to learn how important fungi are to our plants so having them in the garden is probably a good thing! I’m not an expert for sure, but it could be a start re ID.

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Thank you so much! I have multiple mushroom ID books but am so hesitant to ID them positively due to potential toxicity I’ll pass on this info with lots of caveats :slight_smile: … Much appreciated.

You could also ask the folks at Comox Valley Nature (, they may have a fungus expert that can help you out.

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