HELP! Cherry Tree Expertise Needed!

Help. I joined this forum to see if someone could assist me in saving our 2 mature cherry trees. We moved to our home 4 years ago. We have 2 younger but mature cherry trees that produced tons of cherries the last 3 summers. This year they look to be dying. I’m guess root rot but I dont really know. One is worse than the other but they both look to be in very bad condition. Yellow wilted leaves - turning brown and falling off. It currently looks like fall in our yard. One tree is almost bare and the second has lost about half it’s leaves.

A few notable items… we had fruit worms last year so I did 2 things suggested by Art Knapp. I dug up 2 - 3 inches of soil around one tree this spring in attempt to dig up the larvae in the ground and prevent it from hatching. (this is the tree that currently looks better). I also sprayed both with GreenEarth Dormant Spray - Horticulter Oil and Lime Sulphur in March. I was instructed by Art Knapp that this may help protect the leaves from the flies that did hatch in Spring. I was instructed to spray prior to any green showing from buds and truthfully there may have been a stitch of green on the buds when I sprayed. I did wonder if I was spraying too late. If I did spray too late, would this affect our trees at all?

After researching Cherry Tree diseases it looks like root rot to me but I really don’t know. One tree does have hard sap sediment of a few spots (again the better looking tree) so I also question gummosis.

I can include pictures if needed but basically one tree is almost bare of leaves and the second is about half way there. It looks like fall in our yard :frowning:

Does anyone have any advice as to how I can rescue our amazing trees back to life. It is just so deflating to watch them struggle.


Welcome to our Forum!

I am not a tree expert, but I am suggesting an arborist who will likely be able to confirm what the problem is, and advise you on possible solutions and even future plantings (i.e., do you plant another cherry tree if these die?). They are and they can be reached at 250-702-2716. The price of a consult is well worth the knowledge you gain! Several of our members have used them, and they come highly recommended.

If you are new to BC and the Comox Valley, our wet, damp weather can be hard on fruit trees, and even the hotter summers are no help.

Good luck and let us know the outcome!



I will second @Gordon’s recommendation to consult with the arborists at Grow Tree Care. They will be able to tell you exactly what is going on and make the best recommendations.