Heavy Hydrangea Blossoms

I have a Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea and it is loaded with potential blossoms. There are far too many blossoms for the branches to support if I leave them all; so, I’m hoping someone else has found some answers to my questions and will share their wisdom with me.

  1. when to I thin out the buds?
  2. which buds to I remove?
    Even with support, the branches will hit the floor if I leave them all, although I’m tempted, I know it wouldn’t be kind on the plant.

This is a photo of the plant last year and this year it has doubled.

Thanks so much

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We have a beautiful PG that produces more blooms every year. It’s aggressively pruned and reined in with thick rope, but, rather than pruning off blossoms, we cut them and give away bouquets. Two years ago, we took more than 100 blooms to friends and family. The plant didn’t look any worse for it; and, it didn’t keep it from bouncing back.


Thanks so much Gael, I will get out the props and start tying!

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Both of those are stunning! I have some hydrangeas that also produce heavy blossoms, later in the year. I don’t know what they’re called but will try to take photos when they come into bloom, as I could likely do with some pruning advice.