Harvest in October?

Anybody else still harvesting tomatoes and zucchini ?

No zucchini but the tomatoes are still producing well…particularly the grape tomato plants. We’ve been eating some wonderful salads! Do you preserve your produce in any way? Quite the bounty you have for October!

We oven dry the tomatoes, make tomato sauce, and tomato / red pepper soup. Mostly though, we eat a lot of salads and ratatouille (the latter helps with the zucchini). You?

Yes a few . . but the star is the scarlet runner beans.

Also we have an early clematis which has decided to enjoy the fall and favour us with a few flowers - taking the example from our climbing rose.

Yes for tomatoes and also cucumbers! I did a second planting of 45 day cucumbers in early August and they are still producing.

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That’s a wonderful looking bed of cucumbers Norma. What kind are they?

Every once in a while I need a break from zucchini, something to which I am sure everyone can relate. Hence, we didn’t even plant them this year. As for the tomatoes, I wanted to clean out the garden box so I took them out and harvested all of the large green tomatoes and put them in a cardboard box. They are slowly ripening a few at a time now. We managed to get 95 pounds off our 6 plants this years. Now they are dried, frozen, canned or baked into frozen lasagne, soup, or sauce.
When it started getting wet and cooler at the end of September, I moved the pepper plants that were in pots into the greenhouse. They are doing great. As they ripen we eat them fresh or dry them.

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Hi Elizabeth . . Morden Early an Heirloom . . www.mckenzieseeds.com 45 days . . . I have had about 30 pounds of additional small cuts since mid Sept for eating or for pickles (if I could find the jars and lids!) Greek Salad a favourite of our family (and neighbourhood) this past month. Even the last two days of frost we had up here didn’t put them to sleep. But . . . soon!

What type of pepper is that upper photo, with the red one? That’s a good idea to have them in pots and move them into the greenhouse in autumn.

The long red pepper is an Italian Sweet ‘Carmine’. The bell peppers are ‘Chocolate Beauty’.

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