Hang feeders where you can see them year-round

I’ve had a hummingbird feeder outside our dining room window for a while, hanging from a decorative stake. The problem was that the feeder sat close to the bottom of the window, so you couldn’t see it unless you were seated right by the window.

Yesterday I suspended it from the soffits using fishing line, so it looks as if it’s hanging in mid-air, and now everyone at the table can see the colourful visitors.

I hung one long piece of line from two points, which passes through a loop on the end of a third shorter line from which the feeder hangs. This forms a tripod structure which holds the feeder in place. Haven’t had it up long enough yet to see how it fares in a wind storm but it was pretty breezy this morning and was nice and stable :smile:

Bonus tips

  • We keep our feeders out all year. In the winter when there are less customers, I only fill feeders about 1/4 full.
  • Each time I fill a feeder I put a sticker on it that tells me when I filled it and when I expect it will need changing. I orient it so I can see it through the window. Hummingbirds can get sick from feeders that aren’t maintained properly and that makes it easier for me to remember when it will need doing.
  • I own twice as many feeders as I use, so when a feeder needs filling or cleaning, I can instantly swap it out with a fresh one, then take my time cleaning the old one.

For added interest, here are some photos I’ve taken of hummingbirds through windows in the past:


Gorgeous photos Jono!

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Great idea and great photos!

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