Hallowe'en Pumpkins

It is that time of year when our diets change to candy and junk food from what the kid’s or grandkid’s do not eat, or what is left from the kid’s that did not show up at your house to trick or treat! The best part though, is carving the pumpkin. I have seen some spectacular and very elaborately carved specimens over the years.

So let’s see what our members can come up with. The weather is still nice, though I think the rains are starting, so there should be lots of indoor time to get carving! Here are a couple of pumpkins we carved several years ago to get this started - Linda did the Husky and I did the crazy mosquito, art was never a strong point for me…!

Happy carving!


Very clever
Susan Denny

You both look pretty talented to me. Great idea. I’m sorry my right arm is out of commission or I’d join in. I don’t think anyone would want to see what my left hand could come up with

Pumpkins of the past… Not sure what this year will be as yet!


I always want to eat my pumpkins, but they are the little sugar pumpkin type! Maybe I should just buy a big one to carve. It’s been many years since I’ve done that.

Those are wonderful Darlene. Very creative,and must have taken a lot of time!

We have pie pumpkins too, which we used for our Thanksgiving pie, and will also use for muffins etc.

My husband may carve one for Hallowe’en, but the priority is for eating!


Won’t be able to host a halloween party this year, but a couple of years ago we used our pumpkins for chips and dip :smile:

I sometimes line the backs of my pumpkins with tin foil and put a sheet of white paper at the front, then drop an LED flashlight in there instead of a candle. That way they’re a bit safer and the inside of the pumpkin doesn’t heat up which I assume might slow down the rotting process.


Fun use of the carved pumpkins. The LCD flashlight is a great idea, especially if you have young children around.

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Here’s my answer to jack-o-lantern - no carving required and the pumpkin can still be used for food after.


Wow, super creative !!
Susan Denny

This years, witches cauldron


Very spooky. Great photo!