Growing vegetables in the shade

I just read this article and would like some feedback on it. My tomatoes and peppers were dismal last year, now I wonder if they actually got too much sun and should have been given more shade. I grow everything in pots due to yard conditions, so I have everything in one corner to provide the most sun during the day. Should I move them into the shade in the afternoon?

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I don’t think the issue of too much sun is why your tomatoes and peppers didn’t do well. They both love heat. If your peppers went out too soon and got some cold, it sets them back and they do not do well, they like the heat. We generally don’t plant out peppers until the weather is guaranteed to be warm. This year, who knows when that will be - mid June?? - still pretty cool out. Tomatoes are heavy feeders so maybe you need to give them more fertilizer. If they got too much sun you would see burn on their leaves.

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Ok thanks I now seem to remember that the tomatoes split and the peppers actually rotted before ripening so must have been something else then.

Split tomatoes means inconsistent watering or too much water in general. Sometimes, after a heavy rainfall, you will notice tomatoes splitting.

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I’m not an expert by any means, but I grow my tomatoes and peppers in pots at the top of our driveway. It is very hot! I put a slow release fertilizer into soil mixed with sea soil and compost and water am and pm . They do fine. I don’t think they do quite as well as they do in the ground, but I don’t have any sunny spots left in my garden.

We had a lot of tomatoes that split early on last year too. I think that it was a rainier year.