Growing Lettuce during winter

Has anyone tried or is growing lettuce during our winter months. I have a new Vegepod (yeah!) that gets lots of sun, has a cover and I purchased a “winter cover” of heavy duty clear vinyl. It is on a timer for watering as well when the winter cover will be on it as rain will not be able to permeate the cover. My plan is to start the lettuce indoors, under grow lights, and then when robust enough, put the starts into the Vegepod. Do you think we get enough sun to keep that lettuce growing? Thanks in advance for the advice.

Wow Sylvia I’m interested in this…sounds amazing! Hope you keep us posted as to how it goes throughout the season.

I was curious as to what a Vegepod is, so looked them up here but they seem to be for indoor growing and you are talking about growing outdoors. Can you tell us more about the Vegepod you have, @slystone ?

A Vegepod is a raised garden bed. You can put it on the ground, or like I have it, but a stand that raises it up to about hip height. It also includes a spray bar, so that with the assistance of a timer, I can water whenever I schedule it. I have the large one. It is for outdoor. I have mine in my side yard where I get lots of sun, but also, unfortunately deer as well. The cover involves a frame and permeable cloth that is hinged on one side so as to allow access to the plants growing inside. It was featured on Dragons Den a few years ago. You can find out more at Here is a picture of mine:

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