Ground cover roses

We are novice gardeners.

Our ground cover roses have bloomed for almost 3 months and now they appear dormant . I have 3 types: Sunshine Happy Trails, and Sunset Happy Trails and Red Ribbons.

Do I prune them now? How much should I take off?

Many thanks for any help you can give us.


Welcome to the forums, LInda. Would you be able to post a couple of pictures? That would be quite helpful.

Hi Linda,
I just watched BBC Gardners World last night and Monty Don said that if the rose is a repeat bloomer it should be pruned when dormant. If the rose is a one hit wonder you can prune it now but only by about a third.

Two of ours did the same. They were new this Spring, planted next to each other. One did well and the other seemed to be dying. It was the dirt, too dry, too much drainage and not enough nutrition. We left it in place, dug down all around it, amended the soil and watered regularly. It’s responded well. By next year the roots will be deeper and should be ok. Good luck!

thanks. Will check that out. Linda