Great Year for Garlic!

Before and after tidying-up shots of the garlic crop this year. After pic shows garlic that has been graded into small, medium and large. Large will be used for planting next year’s crop in October, medium will be saved and stored in a cool, dark room for use within the next six months, and small will be puréed in the food processor then frozen into small cubes for easy to use crushed garlic. Yes, we like garlic! Perhaps there is a bit too much…it was a very good year. Oh, and I’ll plant the little bulbils for next year’s seed crop just for fun!


I never thought of pureing and freezing. Thank you for that. Great idea!
Barbara Simonson

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I do like the addition of a crystal chandelier to emphasize the garlics! :smiley:

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I wondered if anyone would comment on that :)! It was a treat left for us by the previous owners. A bit of whimsy…certainly not elegance!

It really does save a ton of time in the long run…and dirty dishes! Here’s a CVHS Facebook post with some tips.