Gravenstein Apple-Savoring a taste of history

This heirloom apple dating back to the late 1600’s in Europe was first introduced to Canada by Charles Rampage Prescott in Nova Scotia in 1859 where it was commonly grown.
I planted my tree 40 years ago and despite the early deer pruning,visits by tent caterpillars and codling moth she survives and produces a bounty of apples every year. It is not a storage apple but It’s oustanding sweet slightly tart flavour makes it ideal for applesauce,pies,cider and eating fresh.


I have a 20 year old gravenstein. I love the apple but my tree only produces a crop every 2 years. Any ideas on why?

Gravenstein are known for that. They need 2 pollinators to produce and produce well some years and not so well others. But they are so worth the inconsistency, my favourite apple!

My first small crop is almost ready this year after a 3 year wait. Only 10 apples but can’t wait to try them.

You will have delicious fruit to emjoy🍎

It took a few years but mine has cropped well every year… Mine is the Red Gravenstein. I have sprinkled rock dust from Gaia Green every second year and sometimes seaweed in the fall

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