"Grass" in strawberry bed

Does anyone know what type of plant is growing in my strawberry beds? Thanks!

Maybe oats? The seeds look too big for regular grass. Did you use straw mulch?

Hi Kathy. I think I may be to blame for your grass. I think I gave you some straw last year as I had used up all I could and had some left over. This grass happened to me too. I bought it from the feed company near Walmart and it said it was “Simply Straw” but I think it was the wrong kind. I had to dig it out of my beds. I am soooo sorry. This year, I go to SharKare and get “gardeners straw” :confounded:

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Yes it did. You’re probably right! Thanks :slight_smile:

Oops LOL Oh well, I’ll try to pull up what I can. Not a catastrophe :slight_smile: Cheers, Kathy

The good news is oats are annuals so you will only have your “grass” for 2023 unless you let what is growing go to seed in the fall.
You could look at it as a “green mulch” for your strawberries.

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Good to know! Thanks!