Good place to get shade cloth?

I’m thinking ahead to the hot days of summer. It’s hard to imagine it in the middle of winter, but I know it will be here before too long. :grinning: Last year quite a few of our plants suffered with the heat. This year we’re going to install some tent canopies (without the tarps) over the garden beds so that we can put shade cloth up if necessary. Does anyone know of a good place to buy shade cloth? Thanks in advance for any tips.

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I know Lee Valley sells it online. Not sure about where to get it locally. Yes, hard to imagine having sun to spare!

I bought shade cloth for my Greenhouse at Dinters Nursery, they sell by the foot for length but can’t remember the width. Give them a call if interested.

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I bought it by the yard at Art Knapp’s

The shade cloth we purchased for our greenhouse we custom ordered from Midland Industrial Covers in Burnaby, BC. You can choose 51%, 70% or 95% shade cover, and they will make it to any custom size. When you go to their product page, Shade Cloth & Covers in Canada | Midland Industrial Covers , the greenhouse in the middle is ours with the 51% shade cover on it! I was very impressed with the service and the product, and highly recommend them.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I will check them out and find something that works for the sizes we need. Gordon, how nice to have your greenhouse featured on the Midland webpage! :smiley:

Just noticed that Midland Tools in Courtenay is advertising shade cloth, but haven’t investigated sizing or prices. It’s in beige.

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