Good Native Plant Reference Books

Here are a few recommendations from Leslie Cox on where to find information on plants native to our region. Thanks Leslie!

Leslie’s go to book:

Good but not as accurate for our area as the first listed book:

Good web site:

If anyone has other books they would like to mention, please chime in!

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I have had a copy of the Plants of Coastal British Columbia book mentioned above for some years. Not only is it great for identifying our local flora but it’s also very informative about the history of our native plants; many were/are used by Indigenous communities for food and other uses. The plants are illustrated with profiles and good photography, and it makes for an interesting dip-into book for browsing.

The other book I would mention is All That the Rain Promises, and More… by David Arora. It’s a pocket guide to western mushrooms. It covers the entire west coast of North America, from northern Mexico to Alaska.

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