Good Job on setting up this forum!

Not really a topic, so not sure if appropriate here, but just to say that I love this forum . . I somehow knew that there must have been some very intense work going on in the background with Gordon and his crew while we are in this crazy place with our COVID19 partner . . . , and this is wonderful! I love it ! Thank you! Once I get my bearings around it all with sending photos, etc. I will surely contribute photos and questions and more questions and contribute as I am able. Great work and thank you!


Glad you’re enjoying it!

Norma @norlynn53 thanks for the feedback. Yes it seemed to be a good time to get it going, thanks to the team that put it together. We are always looking for more Moderators to help us out with the forum, if you are interested. There are three moderators and Jono the one who runs the site. Please let us know if interested. Time commitment would be what ever you can contribute - a good excuse to get on the site and explore!

Hey Gordon . . . yup would be interested as moderator . . I love the site and explore often . . just need to know what I need to know!

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