General Meeting September 18, 2023: Aaron Wurts of Grow Tree Care-The Consequences of Pruning and Member Garden Harvest Display and Contest

A big thank you to Aaron Wurts for his excellent and entertaining talk about pruning–with some specific examples on how to properly shape a hedge and a shade tree. Words of wisdom from Aaron:

Pruning is not for the tree…Pruning is for YOU
Pruning is not about control…It’s about INFLUENCE
Trees don’t get “too” big…they just get big

To view Aaron’s presentation, click here:

We also enjoyed seeing many members’ garden harvests. Veggies, fruits, preserves, dried and fermented garden produce and even a clever pumpkin, vegetable and fruit arrangement. As well, some kindly members provided delicious samples—and as can be seen from the following photos, they were well appreciated! Congratulations to the contest winners: 1st place-Elizabeth J, 2nd place-Linda G. and 3rd place-Lorna D