Garry Oak Acorns

Does anyone have any bright ideas as to what to do with an excess of Garry Oak acorns? I know they can be roasted and eaten but are there any other uses? Ideas would be appreciated!

Hi Lorna: You might want to contact Loys Maingon, who heads the Garry Oak Restoration Group of the Comox Valley Nature Society, at The group grows Garry oaks to plant around the Comox Valley. However, they might be swamped with acorns too!

Thanks Elizabeth…will try! I should mention that I’m asking for someone else who has three trees on her property. I’ll pass on the info…much appreciated!

Thanks for bringing up the use of Garry Oak acorns. I didn’t know that you could eat them! Since your post I went on line to learn how to leach the tannins from the acorns. I also found a number of great recipes - acorn brittle (instead of peanuts), acorn quick bread, acorns in stews. I have been gathering the Garry Oak acorns from within the fenced part of our yard and putting them in a pile down by the creek under a tree. The bears have been eating them. Next year they will have to share with me!

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Wonderful…I love this Forum! Acorn brittle sounds amazing!